Friday, April 28, 2017

Five for Friday

Here are some of the Easter clearance things I bought from Target and Walmart. I love clearance! The cat is being nosy. I got a couple of carrot bowling games, candy, and various items. I use most of these items for our treasure box.
These are the best! They are caught being good coins. I bought these from Oriental Trading. If a student gets a coin, they get to go in the treasure box. I don't do it everyday. I will be ordering some more. Some of then went through the wash.

My students love coloring these sheets! They are by Art with Jenny K on TPT.
Do you have a smart board? My kids really enjoyed playing these games from Flapjack Educational Resources. I have the second grade math games and the kindergarten game pack. I bought the kindergarten ones for the after school program.

 Did you get the unicorn drink from Starbucks? My daughter had to have one. She didn't drink the whole thing. I think she just drank it because she made me go to Target's Starbucks to get it.


  1. Thanks for sharing! I love visiting other 2nd grade classrooms. I'm your newest TpT follower. Clearance sales are the best for filling those prize/treasure boxes.
    iTeach 2nd

  2. I never think of clearance shopping after holidays! I'm considering having a prize box ready in August so that the kids who work finish the summer packet I give them can choose a prize. Some of them REALLY need to read and practice this summer, and perhaps tangible rewards would motivate them! That drink looks like something my daughter would LOVE.
    Laughter and Consistency