Friday, April 28, 2017

Five for Friday

Here are some of the Easter clearance things I bought from Target and Walmart. I love clearance! The cat is being nosy. I got a couple of carrot bowling games, candy, and various items. I use most of these items for our treasure box.
These are the best! They are caught being good coins. I bought these from Oriental Trading. If a student gets a coin, they get to go in the treasure box. I don't do it everyday. I will be ordering some more. Some of then went through the wash.

My students love coloring these sheets! They are by Art with Jenny K on TPT.
Do you have a smart board? My kids really enjoyed playing these games from Flapjack Educational Resources. I have the second grade math games and the kindergarten game pack. I bought the kindergarten ones for the after school program.

 Did you get the unicorn drink from Starbucks? My daughter had to have one. She didn't drink the whole thing. I think she just drank it because she made me go to Target's Starbucks to get it.

Saturday, April 22, 2017


Help your students master their multiplication facts by using these task cards. Just laminate the cards and students can write on them or use the recording sheet that is provided. Click on the bottom picture to check it out!