Friday, March 10, 2017

Five for Friday

Today we celebrated reading the story The Tiny Seed by making dirt pudding. The students were very happy to eat their pudding and watch a movie.
 One of my students during center time making words using the Wikki Stix neon colors. I buy these every year and the students love them. I bought mine at the teacher store. They are available on Amazon for a cheaper price.
Here is another center the students were working on. It is free on TPT. Click on the picture to check it out. I know it is March but, it doesn't hurt to do a Valentine's Day center.
Here are some art projects that went along with the story.
I had to take one of the cats to the vet.  He wasn't happy. He has allergies.  It cost 165 dollars for the vet to see him and give him two shots and some powder for his scratching. He cost more to go to the doctor than I do.

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