Friday, February 10, 2017

Five for Friday


It was math fun night at our school. This is a picture of one of my old students and one of my new students. They were rolling dice and adding them together. Then they had to color in the graph and the first one to 40 was the winner. They were having a great time.

 Getting ready for Valentine's day! I saw this great idea on Pinterest. I substituted red bags instead of white. I got it from Jen's Kinder Kids. My second graders loved making these. I got the bags at Target. They also had white.


Students working on flap books for go and do present tense and past tense. I think we finally had everyone cut the book correctly!!

These are the bags I made for my students. I got most of the stuff at Michaels. I love Michaels!! Everything was on sale.

Winter mix of suffixes and prefixes
This is great for centers to practice suffixes and prefixes. Click the picture to see it on TPT.



  1. Hello! Math night ~ what an awesome idea! also, loved the Valentine bags! The background of your blog is colorful and fun! Happy weekend!

  2. I love Michael's too!! Great goodies to add to favor bags!! Have a great week!