Friday, January 6, 2017

Five for Friday

First week back and we have been doing all kinds of things. We started back on Wednesday. It was kind of nice having a short week! We started with reviewing the rules. I posted about my product I made earlier this week. Here is a picture of the students working on one of the sheets.  

Today we worked on silent letters. First we watched a You Tube video on silent letters. Then we read Silent Letter Loud and Clear by Robin Pulver. Then we listed words with silent letters and circled the silent letters. Then I had the students do an activity with silent letters. It is from my unit silent letters. Next week they will have a center that is from my unit to reinforce their learning.
We have been building our stamina back after Christmas break. Here are my students reading their books. I wish I had more places for them to sit. I do have a small carpet and a small table with chairs. Do you have any cheap suggestions for things to sit on?
My students love playing word wall races. Two students each take half of the word wall words. Then the first person to say all the words wins and gets to pick their next opponent. We have to be careful not to bang on the wall so, we don't disturb the other second grade.

This is a picture of one of my cats. My daughter started an Instagram account for the cats. Right now they have more followers than I do. lol


  1. It looks like your kiddos have been busy and having a great start on 2017! Thanks for sharing.
    Once a Teacher, Always a Teacher

  2. You should go to five below to get some cute throw pillows, yoga mats, etc. they have a lot of cute stuff under $5!!
    Best wishes,