Friday, August 19, 2016

Five for Friday
1. It was the first week with kids. My students made these rule book during the week. They really liked them and it seem to make them think more about their actions.  It is by Amy lemons. You could check it out here. I will also be using this next year!
My classroom theme is owl. I saw this cute owl at Jo Ann Fabrics. It's not a colorful owl but, it is awfully cute. I think I should buy it. What do you think?

My baby is growing up. She is going into 6th grade. I went to her orientation this week. It is hard to go to school all day and then go to another school! It was super hot in their gym.  There were so many people there! There wasn't even enough seats.  Then we went around to her classes.  I could barely move in the hallway.  Her is a picture of the hall.  My daughter isn't in this picture. She at that age where she doesn't want to do anything.

Of course my smart board isn't working in my classroom. It has no sound and you can not write on it. The tech said I might have to get a new one. How long will this take??? I feel lost with out it. 

Image result for smartboard clip art
It has been a long week. It is hard getting back in the swing of things. I think I am ready for bed. 
I hope everyone has a great weekend and a great week!

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