Friday, August 12, 2016

Five for Friday

I have been working on my room this week. We started Wednesday. We didn't have any time in our class till Thursday.  This is my rules board. I have to finish the classroom jobs. The pockets are going to be used for the jobs.
 Here is another picture of my class. This is half of my chalkboard. The other half is my word wall. I finally got smart and put magnetic tape on my borders to stick on the board. I use to tape that down. It was a real pain.
That is my fan that I will not need this year!! We had a new air condition system installed in the building.
This is a sign I made for my classroom library and my cat.  I used scrapbook paper, ribbon, and some sparkly stickers.  It turned out cute.

Here is a poster I had made at Office Max. It only cost 2 dollars.  My sister found the little poem at the zoo.  I think I am going to add a banner at the top of the board with the words second grade. I feel like it is missing something? What do you think?
Here is my little owl I bought to put in my class. I found a bigger one that I bought. There was an even bigger owl for 21 dollars. My daughter wanted me to get it. I  did not buy it.

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