Friday, July 29, 2016

Five For Friday
This year I am doing owls in my classroom.  I got these owls at the craft store for 50 percent off. They have to be put together. I started on some of them. I am going to try and get my eleven year daughter to help. She will probably be like mom ugg.
This year I  bought these baskets for my independent reading.  I saw someone else had used these.  I thought about buying those expensive ones from really good stuff. I just didn't want to spend my money. These baskets will fit perfect on the shelves above the students coat closest. 
Look what I found at the dollar store!
Next week I will be going into my class to get ready for the school year and also trying to get a little more fun in before my break ends. We are going to the zoo.
Image result for brookfield zoo
My cats will be sad because they will have to be home alone. They have enjoyed having us home all summer.