Friday, June 28, 2013

Five for Friday


1. Last week I didn't get my Five for Friday posted on time. It was a very crazy Friday. We moved my mother into a senior living community. She is in the beginning stages of alzheimers. She can still take pretty good care of herself. She had a diffcult time adjusting to it at first. She asked me several times when can she can go home.  She is doing a little better now. I just pray she can live there for awhile and not go to the nursing home. Alzheimers is a terrible disease. 

2. Let's move on to happier things. I posted about my Fancy Nancy books I got at the thrift store. I went back today and bought the rest of  the books and a puzzle.

3. My mother had two cats. One was my old cat and one was a stray. The stray is the one who had kittens. My niece took the kittens and got shots for all of them and they are all in good health. In a couple of weeks they will be ready to go to new home. We have a no kill shelter lined up for them. The other cat she had is with me. She doesn't like my cat. I hope they get better. 

4. I live in the south suburbs of Chicago. The Blackhawks won the Stanely cup this week!

5. I saw two movies this week. I saw World War Z and Monsters University. They were both pretty good. I can actually go see movies during the week. lol

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