Saturday, May 25, 2013

Five For Friday (Saturday)

I couldn't get it done last night because I was too tired. I had field day and then drove two hours to my sister's house for the long weekend. So, here is my five for Friday on Saturday.

1. It was spirit week at our school.  One of the days was wear your PJs. The students were very excited that day. Lets just say it was a long day.

2. This week we made our end of the year ice cream books. They turned out really cute. Tuesday we are having an ice cream party.

3. I made a new game for the students. I called it turtle crossing. It can be a card game or a memory game. Students have to match antonyms. They really had fun doing the game. It makes me feel good when I see the students using things I made. I think about all the money I spent on games at the teacher store only to have students loose pieces.  Now if they loose something, all I have to do is go to my printer.

4. It was my favorite day of the year-field day. (not) We were outside from 9:30 to 1:30 with a break for lunch. The students have a great time so it makes it worth it.

5. This year my school  added a mobile video activity. Inside the mobile video truck students could play video games. I say about 18 of them sat inside. On the outside they had two big TVs with just dance games, The kids loved it and so did some of the adults. 

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