Friday, April 5, 2013

Five For Friday

1. I at the end of my Spring Break.  Here are some of the highlights of my break. I went to my sister's house and this duck decided it would get on my car. The duck also left a little present on top of the car.  

2.  We went to the Kalhari Water Park. We had a great time.  This is my niece and daughter. No one wanted their picture taken so, I had to sneak a picture. 
3. We were waiting to check in.  That is my niece and nephew.  They are twins. Again, I had to sneak a picture. When they realized we were taking pictures they hid from us.  

4. I was looking at my pictures from our Easter egg hunt on the last day of school before the break  I came across this picture of my student. She is having a good time. When I look at this picture it makes me smile,

5. At the Kalahari they had a contest involving icees. You were suppose to take a picture of yourself drinking an icee. My daughter took it all by herself.