Friday, March 29, 2013

Five for Friday

1. I do the daily 5 in my classroom. The kids are getting restless. I had to add some excitement to the process. I got the glasses for 10 cent each at Party City.  My goal for next year is to get my library organized. It is a mess right now.  
2. Every morning, I put up the morning story on the smart board. The students write it and fix it. Then we go over it. Sometimes I try other things for the students to do in the morning. I noticed when we don't follow the routine they get out of sorts.  
3.  In reading we do Treasures. Our guided reading story was about tomatoes. In the book, it gave a recipe for salsa. We made it and ate it. Some of the students had never had it. 

4.  We had our Easter party. The students went on an egg hunt.  
5. I am on Spring break. It started today. We are going to the Kalhari in Ohio. 

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